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1. Selling Assets: Generally, if you have a garage sale at your home, you will likely have no income that would be subjected to tax. The reason for this is that the likelihood is extremely low that you would have sold any of the assets at that garage sale for more than what you have…
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Tax Preparation & Accounting

Family | Business | Corporate | Non-Profit We Service: Families Attorneys Physicians Engineers Fashion Professionals Farmers Entertainers Ministers Truck Drivers Business Start-ups and More! ComproTax Affiliates are committed to excellence and providing great customer service. To ensure this, we offer various services in Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Retirement, Insurance, and much More!
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Churches/Small Business Bookkeeping Class

Let us teach your designated person or team to handle your Bookkeeping and Financial Needs We want to be your partner by helping your organization to be in compliance with IRS reporting requirements. We will teach your staff via our unique online bookkeeping course with a live instructor. The student will be taught Bookkeeping and…
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