Back Taxes & Other Income Tax Problems

  • CAREFUL RESEARCH AND PREPARATION of your personal income tax returns with the objective of calculating the lowest federal and state income tax that you owe by law.
  • DETERMINING WHAT INCOME IS TAXABLE AND WHAT IS NOT to ensure you pay tax only on the income the law requires.
  • CALCULATING ALL POSSIBLE OPTIONS FOR PART-YEAR STATE RESIDENTS to ensure clients claim the largest deductions and exemptions allowed resulting in the lowest state tax due.
  • CHECKING ALL ALLOWABLE DEDUCTIONS, ADJUSTMENTS AND CREDITS to ensure that we identify every personal and business deduction or credit to which you are legally entitled.
  • TAX PREPARATION FOR U.S. CITIZENS & RESIDENT ALIENS WORKING OVERSEAS - Taxpayers who meet certain requirements can exempt up to $92,900 for 2011in earned income from U.S. taxation using the foreign earned income exclusion(click for more info). More on Income - Credits - Deductions
  • AUDITS - APPEALS - BACK TAXES -- Unfiled back tax returns are building up every day, on top of any tax due and penalties the IRS has or will assess. •We'll prepare and file those back tax returns for you; then start the process of working out a payment plan for the amount due the IRS and/or your state.
  • COLLECTIONS - If the IRS has issued an intent to levy on a taxpayer's property or actually seized property, there are appeals avenues available to delay IRS action and propose other options including installment payments or an Offer in Compromise for a reduced amount.

NOTE that there are specific time limits on various appeal options, so contact your local ComproTax office immediately if you receive a levy notice.

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