Churches/Small Business Bookkeeping Class

Let us teach your designated person or team
to handle your Bookkeeping and Financial Needs

We want to be your partner by helping your organization to be in compliance with IRS reporting requirements. We will teach your staff via our unique online bookkeeping course with a live instructor.

The student will be taught Bookkeeping and Payroll accounting with our specialized software that will be accessible to them after completion of the course.

Our instructors will also be available to provide support to your staff when needed so that they will have the confidence needed to do a complete professional job for your organization.

Enroll in this course and have the peace of mind that your organization needs to be IRS compliant. Enroll Now

The In-House Alternative

Having your Bookkeeping and Payroll accounting done in house will make you more aware of your finances at a glance and will save you money and time

Just say “no” to Outsiders keeping your books.

You can send your staff to our successful online Bookkeeping class with a live instructor.

After completion of class, you can have ongoing support from our professional instructors.

It will be like having a team of Bookkeepers helping your in-house Bookkeeper without additional overhead.

We have been teaching Bookkeeping to our CTI Affiliates with great success for over 20 years.

The question was asked one day: why don’t we teach Bookkeeping and Payroll Accounting to designated people from churches and businesses?

Even with no prior experience, individuals in your organization can successfully go through our proven method of teaching.

Having your own in-house Bookkeeper will make your church and business more financially solvent. Your designated person will always have access to our team support.

Your Instructors

Jackie Mayfield


Keith Herbert


Adebukola Oyejobi


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